We trust in the power of yoga.
We honor the transformational magic
of the One Fire
that connects us all.


We draw wisdom from
different lineages and traditions.
We honor different styles
and different teachers.

This is one party where it’s okay to get sweaty.
And everyone will totally get it.

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“Loved the connection to others just as I walked to classes, meeting interesting people with surprising, unexpected careers—outside of yoga. But mostly I loved that like-minded people gathered together to share this wonderful experience and created one of the best get-aways I’ve had in a very long time! THANK YOU.”
Beth O.

“I loved my experience at the festival! It was not only well organized, but the overall vibe was energetic and loving! It was great to reconnect with old friends and make new ones. It actually felt like a yoga family. Thank you guys for all your hard work!”
Amber B.

Exceptional world-class instructors,
innovative classes and techniques.
Be inspired by diverse leaders who love what they do.


“I really love the concept behind One Fire. I left there, as a studio owner and teacher, very recharged. My goal is to #keepthefireburning and continue to take my studio in the direction of helping more students by providing more training experiences for my teachers. And to be open to other experiences rather than aligning with only one school of thought or tradition.  I’m in a difficult time and this trip helped me reconnect with myself, as well as spend time with others studio owners in similar situations, sharing and gathering new ideas. I really thank all of you guys for what you did.”
Katy K.
One Fire Ambassador

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