About - One Fire Fest
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For us, there’s nothing quite like it. We love the heat, we love the sweat, we love moving and meditating in a hot, humid room.
And perhaps, above all, we love how we feel after class.

There are tons of yoga festivals out there (which we think is pretty cool, cause we love yoga and we love festivals).
But none featured hot yoga (which we really, really dig),
and so we decided to start the first.

One Fire started as a spark: a deep desire to connect with other hot yoga lovers (a community which spans around the globe). We wanted to build bridges between us.

The first festival took place in the fall of 2015, and has since traveled from its modest beginnings in a suburb of DC, to the deserts of Joshua Tree, and finally,
to its official headquarters: Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

For 5 days, in this small port town on the Mexican Riviera, hot yogis from all over the globe gather to do as much (or as little) hot yoga as their heart desires.

Our lineup is world-class, our platforms are graced
by some of the best teachers in the hot yoga world.

There are also group excursions to abandoned beaches + clear water cenotes,
paddleboarding, snorkling, live music,
and healing sessions with skilled Mayan healers.

We believe in good nourishment, and all our meals are prepared by our in-house chef.
We’re talking about really good local food.
Plus, our smoothie stand makes superfood smoothies to-order throughout the day.

One Fire is all of this and so much more.

Come with! Join us.

Transformational festivals
have the potential
to evolve human consciousness

By gathering together, sweating on our yoga mats side by side, by being of service and helping each other, by dancing, swimming, ziplining, or just being silly, we get a glimpse of how powerful we are.

We get the opportunity to experience how brilliant it feels to be kind with one another.

Some Like it Hot

That, ladies and gents, would be us. When it comes to yoga, we like it hot. And, since you’re here, something tells us you might, too.

For us, there’s nothing quite like it. We love the heat, we love the sweat, we love the moving meditation in a heated, humid room. We love how we feel after class.

We are the folks behind One Fire Fest.