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Name: Mishel Ixchel
Hometown: Quito, Ecuador
Current location: Western Mass
Role at One Fire: Marketing Director
Day job: Indie mom
Describe your first hot yoga class in 1 word: Ahhhhhh….
Favorite post-class drink/snack: green juice fo’ life!
What motivates you to go to class when you least want to: These days, with a young babe to care for, I’m barely in the hot room so I wish I had this problem
If you could invite any celebrity to practice next to you, you’d ask: George Clooney. Word is he already does hot yoga and god knows that man must look amazing even sweaty and red and all.
Motto: If it feels good, then you’re doing it right



Mishel was living in London when she stumbled into a hot yoga room for the first time back in 2006. She did the introductory 10 pounds for 10 days, followed it up with a 30 day challenge, and was so hooked that she signed up for teacher training on her 30th day. She was certified to teach the Bikram method a year later, and taught in NYC for 10 years. Along the way, she met some amazing people she now calls family, and it is with these people she is now committed to working + playing with. One Fire is her dream job come true: she gets to use her marketing chops to sell one of her favorite things (hot yoga), travel, go on adventures, and of course, practice in the hot room with amazing peeps.


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