Kate Jenkins - One Fire Fest
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Kate Jenkins

Kiva Hot Yoga

Q+A with Kate

Where are you based out of? town + studio?
Birmingham, AL -Kiva Hot Yoga and New OrleansIron Tribe Fitness.

When + where did you first stumble into hot yoga?
10 years ago at Be Hot Yoga with Jason Ewing in Atlanta

Do you remember your first class? Did someone bring you or did you venture out on your own?
I passed out before the class started. My best friend who I was visiting in ATL brought me and didn’t tell me it was 90 minutes. I was very mad at her for not mentioning that. Afterwards, I felt so great and forgave my friend. It felt just like being in the Kiva on my Indian reservation (Cochiti Pueblo). Lots of struggle, sweat and communal support.

What made you go to teacher training?
My town, Birmingham, did not have a hot yoga studio that taught the Bikram Method. I felt like I couldn’t survive without yoga, so becoming a teacher seemed natural. I felt a calling to help others change their lives as well and opening a studio became the vision.

What’s your favorite thing(s) about teaching?
I’m humbled that I get to do this for a living. Seeing physical, mental and spiritual transformations happen in others is beyond fulfilling. I love being a conduit that leads others to Truth, Freedom and Wholeness.

What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you while you were practicing? teaching?
While teaching, I had this chick bring a pack of cigarettes into class and place them on her mat. I didn’t ask her intention, or want to embarrass her- just said “Yeah, so I’m going to place these just outside the yoga room so they don’t get messed up.” I think stuff like this may only happen in Alabama.

Do you have other (non-hot yoga) passions?
I like lifting heavy things. I enjoy eating – a lot. I love serving my church on the worship team. I love teaching vision & goal setting with Lightyear Leadership. I am filled when I spend time with my grandmother on our reservation- she is my greatest teacher.

If money wasn’t an issue, what would you spend the next year of your life doing?
I’d travel to Indian Reservations/ First Nation Reserves all over the continent and train others how to teach yoga.