Ambassadors - One Fire Fest
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One Fire Ambassadors are our biggest fans, our number one cheerleaders.

They believe in our work and are highly invested in it. They travel to our festivals from far and wide, bringing with them other yogis from their

Whether practicing on their mats, raising families, running their studios or businesses, our Ambassadors love what they do, and have a deep yearning to connect with others like them.

As a One Fire Ambassador, you receive:
* Discounted festival pass
* An affiliate link, and 10% of all tickets you sell through your link
* Your logo on
* Shout outs on our social media platforms with links to your site and pages
* 20% discounted admission ticket for your studio manager

What we ask:
* Share One Fire Festival on all your social media platforms
* Share One Fire Festival info on your newsletters
* Post fliers + postcards in your home studio(s)
* Word of mouth, baby. Talk it up!


Kate Jenkins
Laura Atkins
Jenna Rosene
Kay Forrester
Mori Dadgar
Shulin Chinilson
Kiley Enmark
Adi Westerman
Amber Borgomainerio
Garland Hume
Kat Kelley – Chung
Kimberly Landini
Mark Drost
Paty Baro
Balwan Singh
Carrie Guzanick
Karen Drost
Kendra Blackett-Dibinga
Lara Atella
Lucille Allen
Meghan Huehn
Molly Cornell
Jessyca Livingston
Kyle Casserly